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Africa Pervert is the first episode of the Africa no Salaryman anime series. It premiered on 7 October 2019.

Summary Edit

Africa Pervert Edit

In this sketch, Toucan and Lizard are commuting together on the train to work, due to Toucan's car being in the shop for an inspection. While they're riding, some high school girls try to accuse Toucan of groping them to get a settlement out of him. Ultimately Lizard is able to convince them that is not the case by sharing Toucan's love of professional adult entertainers, over amateurs.

Africa Donut Shop Edit

Lizard and Toucan go to a donut shop because Lion wants some donuts. While there, Lizard sees a tasty fly, but as a lizard of society it would be terrible manners to eat it there. He decides to eat it anyway, but Toucan gets it on camera. After some blackmail from Toucan, Lizard ends up buying the donuts.

Africa Eyeglasses Edit

Back in the office, Toucan is enjoying the donuts from the shop. However, he and Lizard notice Lion is giving them a really intimidating look and they try to remember what they did to annoy him. After several guesses of what they did, Toucan decides to just ask the guy. Apparently his eyes just aren't that great and he has to squint to see!

At quitting time, Toucan rushes out the door during the conversation because he has a mixer to go to later. While Lizard is thinking about how unprofessional he is, Lion asks him to lighten up and invites him out for drinks. Lizard must return home to his wife though, leaving Lion alone.

Africa Mixer Edit

After work, Toucan goes to a mixer with some other toucan friends. One of the toucans used many connections and spent a decent chunk of cash on getting cute college girls to attend. Toucan gets paired up with a pig, while everyone else gets a cute girl. After hearing she is from a rich family, Toucan does his best to win her over.

At the end of the mixer, he tries to share his contact information with her. Her friends are confused at this, because Pigette didn't attend, but sent her pet pig along. So instead of a cute girl, Toucan had a date with a pet pig.

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